I’m part of the Grapevine society (magazine/newspaper club) at my school and I decided to write a story where one or two chapters are published every term (I know it’s like waaaay to little for a term but the magazine is only published once a term…).

Anyways, I wrote a prologue for the story I am planning to write to be published. I haven’t decided on what to came the story because well, I haven’t even decided how the whole story is going to flow… Let’s just say that I’ll think about it when I’m writing it :p

I gave my prologue to the teacher-in-charge of the society and you laughed whilst reading it and them I started laughing ‘cuz you know what they say, laughter spreads! But it was a really weird laugh since I was standing far away from her and I randomly started laughing :-I and there were other students sitting there as this teacher was doing the detentions for that break.

I’ll show you the first page of what I wrote…



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