Clash of Clans, In Praise of Savagery

So yeah, spent the day “studying” for History… We four possible essays that will be in the exam, so I had to study four long essays. -_- Well, I studied from 10:00 – 11:30 and then I spent the rest of the day on my iPad playing Clash of Clans.
I’m upgrading my townhouse to level 7 but the upgrading time takes 6 days. 😑😔 I’m in fierce competition with my friend, Sarah as we are soooo closely levelled.
I’m not the type of person that really cares about money and all but when it comes to Clash of Clans, my heart grows warmer every time I earn a couple of 100 000 gold and elixer☺️


I also read a book today. It’s called In Praise of Savagery by Warwick Cairns. It’s really interesting. The first page started off with Cairns talking about this man (Wilfred Thesiger) who had killed a lot of people and I was like, “This is gonna be creeeeeeeeepy” ‘cuz I really don’t enjoy reading or watching anything scary. (I get scarred for very long) but afterwards, the book just drew me in. It’s about Cairn’s experience in Aussa, Ethiopia.




I’m part of the Grapevine society (magazine/newspaper club) at my school and I decided to write a story where one or two chapters are published every term (I know it’s like waaaay to little for a term but the magazine is only published once a term…).

Anyways, I wrote a prologue for the story I am planning to write to be published. I haven’t decided on what to came the story because well, I haven’t even decided how the whole story is going to flow… Let’s just say that I’ll think about it when I’m writing it :p

I gave my prologue to the teacher-in-charge of the society and you laughed whilst reading it and them I started laughing ‘cuz you know what they say, laughter spreads! But it was a really weird laugh since I was standing far away from her and I randomly started laughing :-I and there were other students sitting there as this teacher was doing the detentions for that break.

I’ll show you the first page of what I wrote…



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